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It’s time we started thinking about what we’ll be giving this Christmas! With all the change that’s happened in 2020, a positive is that our environment and sustainability have been highly talked about. Christmas this year is about showing we care for our loved ones and that we care about our world too. We’ve put together a list of Vendors whose products are plastic free, made from natural or recycled materials and make perfect sustainable...
Christmas is the day of the year when arguments are put to rest, children stay up late and the joy of giving is everywhere! The Christmas Craze takes over and becomes bigger every year. More and more products are put out into the world and heavily advertised to entice us. But sustainability isn’t a priority and we need to change this. Check out our blog post to find the top 3 ways to make your family’s Christmas more sustainable and avoid...
The dirty dozen and clean fifteen list is published every spring by the Environmental Workers Group (EWG). This list consists of the top 12 crops that have been grown with heavy uses of pesticides and the clean 15 are the recommended fruits and vegetables with least concentrations of pesticides in them. What’s on the lists this year?
As we try to make changes in our lives to better our environment and preserve it for future generations, our world is continually evolving and we’re constantly learning about the best practices for a healthy lifestyle. When choosing plastic free, sustainable and cleaner products it’s crucial that we educate ourselves on ingredients that we might miss because of what we believe are eco friendly credentials.
One of the most used rooms in our houses is the bathroom. It’s home to the products that we use on a daily basis and it’s also one of the biggest culprits for our individual contribution to pollution. But, it’s also one of the areas that many aspiring entrepreneurs have dove in head first to provide us with a variety of alternatives for. We’ve identified the most common pollutants in our bathrooms and brought you the solutions...
We often think less about pollution when it comes to our drains. Discarded liquids wash away, but what’s harmful in liquids and why is October the month to talk about it? 
When we begin to invest more time into consciously shopping and reducing our plastic waste, our biggest decisions come down to what the best material is to purchase. The selection is crucial to the longevity of items and how it degrades when it can no longer be used.
Becoming plastic-free can seem like an over whelming task at times and you're not alone in thinking that! While the planet has a ways to go, there are a handful of things you can do, easily, to reduce your plastic consumption.
There are a handful of things to keep an eye out when shopping for plastic-free, eco-friendly and sustainable items. Luckily, Wasteless Market makes it easy, but here are some tips to help you when your out and about shopping!