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5 Eco-friendly Shopping Tips

5 Eco-friendly Shopping Tips
There are a handful of things to keep an eye out when shopping for plastic-free, eco-friendly and sustainable items. Luckily, Wasteless Market makes it easy, but here are some tips to help you when your out and about shopping!
5 Eco-friendly shopping tips:
  1. Check to see where it the item was sources: Was it sourced ethically? Are the resources made sustainable?
  2. Where was it made? An item made far away will create a bigger carbon footprint.
  3. Does the item contain plastic? The first step to creating a plastic-free future is to stop purchasing plastic.
  4. Are there harsh chemicals in the product? Items creating with chemicals, such as clothing, create a massive carbon footprint globally.
  5. Do you really need the item? Becoming more eco-friendly, often starts with purchasing less and more mindfully.


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